The Odem Star DesignTM 

We have created the Odem Star DesignTM that defines our vision. The design has been woven into a beautiful silk fabric which features in the lining of our textile range. It is made up of infinite Stars of David interconnected by lines and points. The lines represent the masculine spirit. They create direction and definition. The points represent the feminine spirit. They create an eternal connection between the lines symbolising the Jewish woman’s role in transmitting our ancient heritage from one generation to the next and cementing a focal point of spirituality in her home.

Together, the lines and points form the stars which symbolise the souls of Israel, eternally connected through bonds of tribe and family and a shared destiny.  The endless string of stars expresses our blessing to you for abundance and fruitfulness.

Our vision

Odem brings together ancient motifs with modern designs, spiritual depth with physical beauty and intricate symbolism with elegant taste. The result is a unique and exquisite collection of Jewish ritual art.

We have endeavoured to capture the Jewish feminine soul expressed through ritual objects. We hope to inspire men and women to celebrate and honor sacred moments in their lives by embracing the richness and grandeur of our ancient heritage. We pray to connect to the souls of the past who
have given us this light and to shine a path for the souls of tomorrow that will bring light to the future.

Because it’s Jewish. Because it’s feminine. Because it’s ours.

Heirlooms start with Odem.