The Power of the Sacred Feminine 

Odem means “ruby” in ancient Hebrew. The Odem stone was the first of twelve precious stones on the breast plate worn as a ceremonial and sacrificial garment by the high priest in the Temple in Jerusalem.

The ruby’s rich redness tantalises the imagination and opens the soul. Its power has been recognised and used by the women of Israel since biblical times in pregnancy and childbirth. It was said to strengthen the heart and calm an angry soul. The colour red is associated with the Kabbalistic emanation of Gevurah. This emotion is aligned with the feminine attributes of nurturing, protection and discipline. It is from this idea that a red string is worn as a form of protection. The Odem is imbued with the properties of protection, strength and feminine mystique.

We have named our range of Challah covers after insprational Jewish woman from Tanach, Torah and from our own personal lives. This is to inspire and remind us how these archetypal role models can still influence us as Jewish women today.

The power of the sacred feminine – to protect, to adorn, to nourish and to beautify - is the power of the Odem.