The Birth Of Odem 

Odem was born into a generation of spiritual seekers. Dissatisfied by old traditions that have become empty and habitual, today’s generation seeks a spirituality that is authentic yet personal, a tradition that is ancient yet relevant. We seek an old path that is new.

Odem is an artistic representation of this spiritual quest. Our aim is to create an authentic collection of Jewish ritual objects that honour our ancient heritage yet appeal to modern taste. We scoured museums of the world seeking original Jewish artefacts, traditional designs and cultural motifs - remnants of a lost world. From these we constructed our Odem collection, a lost world now redeemed.

Through art and design, Odem has looked to the past to excavate lost treasures of our own spiritual heritage and looked within ourselves to uncover a creative spirit that is uniquely Jewish.

In the Odem range you will hear echoes of the beautiful old synagogues of destroyed Europe. You will see glimpses of the intricate handiwork of Oriental Jewish artisans of yesteryear. In the Hebrew lettering on all of our designs you will see our ancient Torah script, the holy letters that conveyed the words of our tradition to the four corners of the world.

Through Odem the souls of artisans and craftsmen of yesterday receive the honour they deserve as we, their spiritual descendants, enjoy their work. Patterns and styles that have miraculously survived exile and destruction are now seeing new light. Odem is a victory of survival.

Unaffiliated with any particular branch of Judaism, Odem has gone directly to the source of the Jewish soul, a place that transcends all differences between us and unites us all. We are inspired by the common root in which all Jewish souls can find their place.

We hope to revive a rich and vibrant spiritual tradition with a message for today. The spirituality that you seek is right within you and within the very heritage that is your birthright.

Open your heart to the truth of your soul.